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The HSP Revolution
Dr Genevieve

Welcome to The HSP Revolution

Highly Sensitive People have been hiding for too long. It's time to step up.

What is The HSP Revolution?

Do you:

  • Feel emotions more deeply than most
  • Sometimes feel overwhelmed by life
  • Struggle to set boundaries
  • Overthink and experience anxiety
  • Want to express more of your creativity
  • Sense there's a deeper purpose to you being here

The HSP Revolution supports Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) to overcome their challenges, own their gifts and find inspiration in the company of others on the same journey.

As HSPs, we want more connection, but we hold ourselves back because we're worried about being vulnerable in front of others, or we've learned to edit how we truly feel.

As a clinical psychologist and intuitive energy coach, I've spent the past decade helping HSPs to become more empowered, confident and fulfilled in a world that isn't designed for sensitivity. Having seen how many of us struggle to find a place where we feel truly seen, I created The HSP Revolution to share my one-on-one work with more people, and host a thriving community where we can all learn from each other.

The feeling I want HSPs to experience here is relief: That sense of homecoming that shows we've finally found a place where we really belong, and there's absolutely no pressure to perform.

I will be sharing practical tools, insights and practices that I've developed over my years of working with HSPs to help you manage your energy, set clearer boundaries, and start living the life of magic and wonder that HSPs know is their birthright.

The HSP Revolution will also be a place where you can hear about the experiences of others, and share something of your own story if you want – but only ever at your own pace, and in a way that feels right for you.

How will my life change?

I will support you to develop specific skills to help you better access the gifts that go with high sensitivity and manage the challenges. You will learn how to:

  • Set clearer boundaries in all areas of your life so you can share your gifts of empathy, intuition, creativity and deep listening without being drained or taking on other people’s stuff.
  • Quieten your inner critic and feel calmer, clearer and more grounded in your body.
  • Learn to respond rather than get carried away by reactive anger, anxiety or frustration.
  • Let go of feeling “not good enough” and build a stable foundation of self-worth so you can take up your rightful space.
  • Stop over-analysing and enjoy what you already have, while being open to more.
  • Give yourself permission to take more breaks and do creative things for yourself without feeling selfish or that you’re letting people down.
  • Let go of comparing yourself with others and get clear on your values and purpose.
  • Learn to accept yourself, and treat yourself with compassion.
  • Identify the patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back at work, in relationships and in your creative life – and write a new script.
  • Learn to listen to the authentic voice of your own instincts so you can find your own answers.
  • Connect to higher dimensions of yourself.

What skills will I learn?

  • Let go of the old, conditioned version of yourself that was forever stuck in cycles of people pleasing, anxiety and procrastination to embody more of who you truly are.
  • Release unsatisfying entanglements to build healthier, reciprocal relationships with people who uplift and inspire you – and where you feel fully seen.
  • Be more decisive and feel more confident about speaking with your true voice.
  • Let go of constantly pushing yourself and stressing all the time, and begin to experience more joy, flow and enjoyment of the lighter side of life.
  • Feel confident you’re on the right path and are actively contributing your talents towards a goal that aligns with your core values.

I'm aware that some of these may sound of out of reach right now.

Change isn't easy. We need to set clear intentions, take responsibility for ourselves, be curious and open-minded, and be willing to put the work in. But if we show up with this attitude, belonging to a supportive community can help us to make big shifts more quickly than we can manage on our own.

What happens each month?

  • Two live Q+A HSP workshops a month with Dr Genevieve, and special guests.
  • Access to all recordings.
  • Weekly inspiration, tips and challenges – and surprises.
  • Access to community hub for connection and discussion.
  • Members-only newsletter.
  • Priority registration for retreats, courses and special events.

What inspired you to create this community?

My name is Dr Genevieve, and I’m a clinical psychologist and intuitive energy coach who helps HSPs find out who they really are. I learned about HSPs through the ground-breaking work of the American psychologist Dr Elaine Aron, and I’m listed on her website as an HSP-knowledgeable therapist. When I was in my 20s, discovering that I was an HSP was truly a revelation, and has shaped my work ever since.

After 20 years of clinical practice, nothing gives me greater joy than helping an HSP client learn to trust their inner voice, cut through their self-doubt and show up as their authentic self. 

In 2021, I started The HSP Revolution weekly newsletter to support HSPs to become more empowered. So many readers wanted a place to connect with others working through the same struggles that I’ve created this community to share my work more widely.

Why is community so important?

Until now, your healing journey has probably taken place mostly in private. You’ve been reading books, listening to podcasts and maybe working with a therapist or coach. But you’ve now realised that to really change, you need a different form of support: A group of like-minded, open-hearted and compassionate peers who can help you to overcome the common HSP patterns of people pleasing, rescuing and exhausting yourself by taking on other people’s stuff.

The HSP Revolution is the community where you will find the cheerleaders who will encourage you to find your authentic voice – first in the safety of the group, then in the wider world.

I'll be hosting regular live online sessions and sharing my own experiences and tools, and you'll also be able to draw on the shared wisdom and insights of the community.

But am I really an HSP?

Every HSP is unique, so it's hard to land on a one-size-fits all definition.

Sensitivity exists on a spectrum, and shows up differently in different people. Some of us process sensory input (such as sounds, lights and smells) very deeply –  but this by no means applies to all HSPs.

What I do know is that we all feel our emotions very deeply, and can sense what other people are feeling. We might be introverts or extraverts – and some of us crave adventure and new experiences. But we're all united by a deep commitment to the inner life, and our ability to see through appearances to understand what’s really going on with the people and situations in our lives.

I’ve found research studies on high sensitivity hugely helpful in understanding myself – but I don’t get too hung up on labels. It’s also important to remember that high sensitivity is healthy and normal. It’s not a diagnosis, condition or disorder: It’s a temperament we’re born with that reflects how our nervous systems are wired.

It can be fun to take a sensitivity test online – but even the researchers who design them acknowledge that they can only capture a partial picture. It's thought that about 20-30% of the world’s population would be classified as HSPs – so that’s as many as 2.5 billion of us. That's a useful reminder that high sensitivity may be more common than many people assume. But the most important question is whether you find the concept helpful in your own life. 

While HSPs may have above-average sensitivity, we don’t have a monopoly on this attribute. The HSP Revolution aims to nurture a more supportive society where everyone has permission to explore their own sensitivity, and access the empathy, creative vision and big picture thinking that lies within us all.

What if I don't like the word “sensitive”?

For all the many gifts that come with sensitivity, I’ve noticed that the words “sensitive” and “HSP” still turn a lot of people off. They can evoke uncomfortable associations – from being bullied in the playground, to perceived weakness in the workplace.

I’ve also struggled with the S-word. I was lucky enough not to have been “sensitivity-shamed” as a child (partly because I’d learned to keep a tight lid on my emotions). Still, I haven’t quite shaken off the cultural programming that sees sensitivity as a vulnerability to be hidden, rather than a gift to be celebrated.

It’s time to reclaim our birthright. Whatever our response to the word “sensitive,” it’s probably still the best starting point for building a vocabulary to help understand ourselves better — and show up more powerfully in the world.

Groups make me anxious. Is the HSP Revolution for me?

I'm really excited to welcome all the HSPs who've already reached out to me and encouraged me to create this community. Welcome!

But I also know that some people may have reservations.

You might be worried that you'll come under pressure to share in front of strangers, or feel exposed in some way. I can assure you that The HSP Revolution is designed precisely to cater to people who might feel anxious about opening up. There will be never any pressure to speak or share in live events – though of course sharing is a great way to build community, for those who feel comfortable. You can always watch replays of sessions in your own time.

I see The HSP Revolution as a village – welcoming HSPs from all walks and stages of life. I love how some of the most profound wisdom emerges when people are able to share their experiences across the divides that can seem to separate us – but which can bring entirely new perspectives on our own lives.

Join the HSP Revolution!


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